The Kindle: FWP

Back story: You wouldn’t know it from listening to her on the phone but my mom understands technology. For years she worked for a publisher that moved to the mac when it was still the 512 — in fact, I seem to recall they had a serial number that was something like 00004 — and she’s had Macs ever since. So, when I have to walk her through something basic online, I never know if it’s because she’s older and losing her mind or if it’s more that she’s impatient and would prefer using mine.

I think it’s hard ’cause the family’s spread out a bit. My sister’s lived in Boulder for as long as I can remember and I’m starting my 33rd year in Seattle. [And we ain’t leaving as long as Emma’s in high school. After that, maybe we’ll follow our daughter wherever she goes, so that we can stand outside her classrooms and wave.  Ha . . . she thinks we’re kidding!]  Though we fly in and see her as often as possible, we really don’t get to spend as much quality time together as we’d like. So, these long-distance-how-do-I-change-the-font-in-InDesign phone sessions — that’s actually a cheap shot…she was one of the first Pagemaker 1 adopters and knows about fonts . . . resizing graphics, that’s a pain for everyone — are just an opportunity for us to fit into our old roles again. Today, the role of “Oh, Andrew” will be played by me, forever the youngest child!

Location: New York —> Seattle —> New York —> Seattle —> etc.

First World Problem: It’s difficult to register a new Kindle if you can’t remember your password.
Mom: “Thank you so much. What would I do without you?”
Son: “I don’t know, read a book?”

Outcome: Solved!  “Now, did everyone write down the new password? Good!”

2 thoughts on “The Kindle: FWP

  1. GreggBartley

    What you are discussing is a just a subset of my own larger issues with technology. I like all the tech that we have access to. The stuff that we have access to today is really truly amazing. It would seem like science fiction back to my 12 year old self who used to dream of zooming around the universe in my own private spaceship with my own amazing robot. My problem is that technology never seems to like me very much, in that someone about it just never works. I can uncover just the most amazing problems that have somehow made it through product testing. I think these companies should hire me as a beta tester, it’s that bad. I have gotten to point that I just expect things not to work the first time I try them. I just find it so frustrating, and then everyone else goes, “Oh, that’s EASY! If that is your biggest problem, you are pretty well off.” Which makes my attitude just so much better. I am thinking of becoming a Luddite, except you have to join online and I don’t have a log on name or password.

    Hey, this is a fun website! What else can I complain about?

    1. GreggBartley

      Hummm… Typo in the last comment. Don’t know what to do about revisions in WordPress.

      My brother lived in Boulder for years and years but now lives out in Louisville just north of Denver. Spent a lot of time around the Boulder area, although I am originally from the area around Colo. Spgs. Neat place, for sure, although too expensive and it has a 1950’s road system for 21st Century traffic….

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