The Plane: FWP

Back Story: I have certain dietary restrictions. Not as many as I should have but, nonetheless, I watch what I eat. All right, not so much “watch” what I eat, that’s not a fair representation ’cause, if you want to be literal about it, I watch an awful lot of stuff go into my mouth and, subsequently, take its place in an ever-growing part of my anatomy . . umm, where was I? Oh yeah, dietary restrictions. Forget health for a moment, and if I’m anything I’m a guy who lives in the moment, I’m actually allergic to certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts. I also don’t really eat sugar so, as you can see, my options are limited somewhat . . primarily, I’m into bacon-based products. But this isn’t about gluttony, certainly one of the more popular first world problems, this is WAY stupider than that.

Location: Flying from Seattle to NY a couple of months back, I was pleased to see that the airline was offering lunches/snacks for sale and included a basic chicken wrap. They also had fruit trays, vegetable trays, and some sort of halloween-stash-sized collection of candy . . . none of which I can eat.

First World Problem: I was sitting in row 21; they ran out of chicken in row 19. No chicken! Let me repeat, in case you missed the urgency . . . no chicken. Now I would have to eat all the food I brought with me!

– Andrew

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