The Coffee Maker: FWP

Back Story: I drink a lot of coffee. Not espresso or anything fancy, just cup after cup of whatever happens to be around. I’m not picky, though. I tend to like basic diner/restaurant coffee and have always been satisfied with the basic Seattle Breakfast Blend from Costco.

When our Mr. Coffee wouldn’t stop leaking, after 15 years of solid coffee-making, we replaced it with the highly rated, and yet still inexpensive ($50 on sale) Cuisinart DCC1200. And, since we had the option, we got the “red” version so that it matched other stuff in our kitchen.

Current Information: The Cuisinart stopped working a couple of weeks ago . . .literally. It just started shutting itself off mid-cycle, or not starting, or not staying on . . . something faulty in the power switch ’cause I could flick it up and down a bit and get it to finish brewing.  Since it’s only a year and a half old, and the warranty is 3 years, I contacted the company.  It took a week for a reply but, after 3 or 4 back and forth emails with proof of purchase and serial numbers and all that sort of stuff, they said they’d send me a new one. They’d charge me $10 for the replacement shipping and I’d be responsible for sending the old one back. (The nice part: they would ship the replacement first and then I could use that box to return mine.)  I thanked them for the support, wrote a couple of emails to make sure they sent a red one — they never replied — and then waited.  Imagine my surprise when it showed up after only three days!

First World Problem: Cuisinart sent a chrome model instead of red. Everything in our kitchen, which is as far from fancy as possible, is black or red and this thing just SHINES.

– Andrew

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